Virtually Trying is Becoming a Reality

Virtually Trying is Becoming a Reality

Virtually Trying is Becoming a Reality

As retail consultants and industry experts predicted at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic has permanently changed the way we shop. Trying on a pair of glasses before purchasing them has always been a trend. But, after being shut behind closed doors, trying on glasses became a dream. As we’ve often seen and heard- dreams too can be made a reality.

Advancement in technology has helped us fulfill these dreams. With the coming age of augmented reality, the impossible can be made possible, and the same happened with the problem of being unable to try on eyewear. Augmented reality delivers a complete experience by immersing the customer in a fictional environment. This was the core ideology of the “Virtual Try-On” concept that many brands adapted. 

With the Virtual Try-On came many benefits- 

For brands- It offers customers a realistic and personalized presentation of the product in seconds. They get to try out a dozen products instantly and get recommendations based on their choice, encouraging sales. 

For customers- Getting the opportunity to try the desired product makes it easier for them to make buying decisions, especially when shopping online. Getting an idea of how the desired product fits them increases the chances of buying it and being satisfied with the purchase. It enhances the user experience by making it more personal. 

It’s crucial for brands to be where their customers are. Not only does Virtual Try-On have huge potential, but it also allows brands to personalize their user experience and better meet the expectations of their customers. By enabling customers to try on their products from the comfort of their homes, brands can definitely grow their sales and significantly increase their return rates. 

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We at OTTIKA Canada aim to deliver a complete and fulfilling experience to all our customers. We are bringing to you the option to virtually try on your favorite eyewear products at home before you make a purchase decision. Try from our wide range of products and get the look that best suits you. To know more, visit our website at-