2022 styles and shapes in trend

 A new year offers the opportunity to start over and gain a new perspective. Some may see this as the typical (and, dare I say, difficult to implement) resolutions of going to the gym more, reading a million books, and finally deep cleaning your apartment. If these resolutions seem overwhelming, re-framing your vision with the biggest glasses trends of 2022 is a good place to start. Whether you wear glasses all the time or just add shades to any outfit, upgrading your frames is the perfect way to see the world a little more clearly, and the world will see you more fashionably as a result.

Glasses are a very personal accessory that can often set a preconceived vibe of your style and personality–so getting the right fit is critical. However, you don't have to limit yourself to just one trend to try, especially since there are so many fun, low-cost options. This is your chance to realise your long-held ambition of being able to wear sunglasses indoors.

Colourful crystal acetates, tortoise print on bold shapes, cat-eye silhouettes, and oversized frames will be statement frames. Each of these glasses trends exists in a variety of styles; 2022 is the year to mix things up and try something new. There are no guarantees, but the cooler the frames you choose, the more likely it is that you will read a million books on your resolution list. 


Saint Laurent

Cat-eye shaped glasses are in style and ladies’ best friend. A pair of large, square earrings adorned with a glass cabochon centre and cat-eye-shaped sunglasses are a perfect snatch. These pair are the perfect combination of sexy and serious.

We are all already familiar with our gold and rose gold metal frames. The Shield-style pair: plated in a luxury gold-tone and fronted with a gradient lens across the eyes gives a perfect touch of 



From throw-back Thursday to bell-bottom jeans, 80’s and 90’s have taken over the fashion market. It’s nostalgia everywhere and, the reflection is evident in the Balenciaga glasses. Their timeless collection is very much 1990s- and 2000s-inspired.

Big yes to Balenciaga for bringing the most stylish sense of advancement across all departments of design. For sunglasses, the current standout is this rounded design: made through a shiny metalized fibre bio and fixed with stark silver lenses. Oh, and the temples are lasered with the house’s logo for a high fashion seal. In short, these are the shades to frame your face for the future.


The fall-winter 2021-2022 collection celebrates 90’s and modernity. With thick and thin silhouettes and with embellishment, the collection is in plenty of colours. Going to a party or a class, the Gucci eyewear collection has it all.