Driving without a reliable pair of sunglasses. Stop and read this right away.

The classic rule of driving - keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. But what about when the sun is shining bright and glare is making you squint.

Well, the answer is simple - Add a pair of cool sunglasses to your 


But not just any sunglasses. A pair which is UV protected, Polarized, cuts down the glare, comfortable and not to forget STYLISH !

Ottika Canada’s new sunglasses collection - 50 shades of summer offers you all of that and more. Over 50 distinct styles of sunglasses and 100’s of tints to help you protect your eyes and keep you stylish.

First things first, why do you need sunglasses while driving ?

  1. Being inside the car doesn't save you from the sun. Long exposure from the sun can damage eyelids.  
  2. Driving in the rain without sunglasses can reduce your visual clarity considerably. 
  3. Sun glare can block incoming vehicles, pedestrians from your vision and lead to serious accidents.

How do sunglasses keep you safe?

Pupils react differently to bright sunlight. They cannot close enough to maintain the light out of your eyes. This leads to squinting, glare, and bright light distortions.

Sunglasses are a simple, effective solution to safeguard your eye-vision. They reduce the bright right reaching the pupils and help your eyes to focus properly.

But if you are thinking of replacing regular eyeglasses with sunglasses. They will actually make the problem worse. 

What kind of sunglasses should you choose?

  •  UV protection - Sunglasses are not just for cutting down the brightness. They are meant to shield the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays which, over time, can damage your eyes and lead to cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye related issues. Hence always go for sunglasses labeled ‘UV 40’ - they block about 99 to 100 percent of harmful rays and protect your eyes in the long run.

  • Polarized - Just like UV protection, polarized glasses are a must. Why? Because UV protection protects eyes, whereas polarized glasses improve the vision. Not only do they improve the color contrast but also neutralize the glare - bright light being reflected by snow, water, road and building surfaces, and even other cars.

  • Lens color - Yes ! tints do add to the colorful, fashion quotient of the sunglasses, but if chosen right, they greatly improve they are also your vision. Amber is the best when it comes to driving in the bright daylight or during the night. Neutral grey, brown or green colour lenses are also good at reducing the light intensity without making the background hazy. 

  • It is never too late to protect your eyes. Head over to www.ottikacanada.com and choose the right sunglasses before cruising off into the sunset. 

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