How To Choose Right Glasses For Your Face Style


Is there a glass which will flatter my face? This is one question we all have thought of, when looking for a new pair of glasses. 

Choosing the right pair of glasses shouldn't just be about following the latest trend and styles. It is about understanding your face type and choosing one to bring balance to your face and highlighting your best features.

Keep reading as we recommend the frames that will look fantastic on your face. So that the next time you are shopping glasses, you won't have to fret much.

  • Glasses for square face
  • A square face is often distinctive and angular. It has a strong jaw and forehead and the width and the length of the face are almost equal. Go for thin round or oval frames to flatter the angles, soften the face and make the face look longer. 

    (P.S. - Ensure the frame is wider than your cheekbones)

  • Glasses for round face
  • A round shape is recognized by its uniformity. The cheeks and the forehead have the same width and the face, overall, has a soft look. are Almost all features are  you have a round face shape

    Go for Rectangular, Angular, Cat-eye or D-frames to sharpen and lengthen the features. Remember the frame should be elegant but not too thin.

  • Glasses for heart shaped face
  • Broad forehead, sharp cheekbones and narrow chin - yes, that's a heart shaped face we are talking about. 

    Almost every frame looks good on these face shapes but bottom heavy, oval-shaped or rimless frames emphasize the jawline and bring them visually into balance. 

  • Glasses for oval face
  • The proportions of an oval face are almost  balanced, just that the cheek bones are quite pronounced. The length of an oval face is almost double than its width. 

    They can go for any of the styles - Square, rectangular or geometric frames compliments your style and features, till the time they aren't too big or small. 

  • Glasses for triangle face
  • A triangle face is narrow at the forehead and  widest at the jaw. Go for D-frames, aviators, Cat eye frames to highlight the eyes. Make sure the frame has some detailing on the upper portion and is wider than your jawline for balance.

    Now that you know how to find the right glasses for your face shape, check out our exclusive collection of glasses and sunglasses and get the right one for you. Happy Shopping. #WeCareForAll