Japanese Titanium made frames

Japan has a long history of celebrating craftsmanship, which is still deeply ingrained in the country's psyche. They understand that taking pride in traditional artisanship isn't just about looking back; it can also be about looking forward. That's what you get when you handle and wear a pair of Japanese-made spectacles. You can tell that they were made with care, the kind of care that you don't see as much of these days, and that's nice to have around.

Around 1905, in one of these communities, Shouno, which would eventually become part of Fukui city, a local politician named Masunaga Gozaemon wanted to help his fellow Fukui-ians and put Fukui prefecture on the map. Literature was gaining popularity as more people around the world began to learn to read, so he reasoned that more people would require these eyeglasses he'd been hearing about. After witnessing the production of eyewear in Tokyo and Osaka, Gozaemon decided to bring back some master craftsmen to teach his community, and he established a guild-like system that encouraged learning and specialisation.

Masaki Matsushima

Masaki Matsushima titanium eyewear is well-known Japanese eyewear that is also known as Masaki by the general public. Masaki Matsushima's eyewear is well-known around the world due to its distinctive design. Furthermore, because of its multi-faceted design, it comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring that the eyewear is suitable for all facial features. It is one of the most popular eyewear choices among Asians.

Masaki Matsushima's eyewear brand concept is "to express fashion interiorly in a stylish way, which is typically seen as a two-dimensional object." Masaki titanium eyewear's artistic design always includes three distinct features, which are:

Originality – own brand creation that is never cloned

Solid construction – firm and cool hardness despite having a metal body, it is extremely light in weight

Futuristic design encompasses the arts of science fiction, curiosity, and future exploration.

Masaki Matsushima eyewear prioritises the importance of eyewear functionality, as well as its innovative creation, in its own unique design.

The combination of these one-of-a-kind features and functionality elevates Masaki Matsushima eyewear to the level of exceptional special.


Crafsis is a Japanese brand known for its craftsmanship and classic designs. Crafsis frames are lightweight and durable, made of high-quality titanium and acetate. Sabae, Japan, is where the world's finest artisans meticulously create some of the most beautiful and high-quality eyewear on the planet. Crafsis, a strikingly sleek collection of stylish classics embellished with contemporary details, is produced here by these eyewear makers, who combine years of painstakingly honed craft with the most modern innovations.

Crafsis is a sophisticated frame made of high-quality titanium and acetate. Choose from classic black, crystal clear, and tortoiseshell palettes, or go bold with bamboo, wine, and blue tones. Antique metal hues of gold, silver, and gunmetal are meticulously detailed for subtle flourishes. Shapes like hexagons and ovals are artistically rendered and exude a distinct spirit without being garishly overstated.

Each Crafsis frame proudly embodies Japanese pride in superior craftsmanship and no-compromise perfection. Crafsis is stunning in both appearance and fit. Enjoy lightweight durability and a comfortable fit every time you put it on. All models are intended for unisex wear and enjoyment.

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