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Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo is a well-known brand for a variety of fashion accessories. The brand has a history of creating luxurious accessories for the world's most glamorous people. Jimmy Choo's sunglasses collection will add a one-of-a-kind touch to your wardrobe. The bold frames and one-of-a-kind designs give each pair of sunglasses an edgy look that will complement your outfit. 

On Motcomb Street in London, they opened their first retail store. Within a year of its inception, the name had gained traction, enough for Princess Diana to be photographed wearing the Choo look.

From that point forward, it was all uphill for the company. Another retail outlet was opened in 1998, this time on Madison Avenue in New York City. By this time, a Jimmy Choo store had opened on North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. With such strategic placements, it was clear that the brand was aimed at a very affluent society.

Sunglasses by Jimmy Choo

Today, the international manufacturer produces a number of well-known sunglasses brands. Jimmy Choo designer sunglasses are distinguished by the fact that each collection is given a very human-like name. For example, they have a Francoise series, a Laura series, and a Lia series, to name a few. This makes it easier to identify with the sunglasses' personality. Being able to feel this makes selecting the pair that best suits you a piece of cake. Choose a personality over a design. 

Choo's Alex collection of sunglasses has long been one of their most popular. The leopard prints are stunning. Wileys and Carreras are for the more outgoing, with their brighter colours and larger frames drawing attention around every corner. Jimmy Choo's Francoise and Mimi designs are more understated, but they do not go unnoticed. Overall, the company has come a long way in producing high-quality designer wear in a short period of time.

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