The Beauty in Designer Brands

The Beauty in Designer Brands

Besides vision correction and comfort, fashion is always on the top of our lists while choosing eyewear. Discovering quality glasses can be a challenge for many people, but this challenge is met by designer eyewear brands that provide good quality eyewear and comfort. 

Here we are compiling a list of the best designer eyewear brands that stand out because of their latest styles that can be worn to workplaces and beyond that too!

  • Emilio Pucci- To make every look Vogue ready, Emilio Pucci is your go-to brand. Be it running errands or heading to a party, Emilio Pucci can make you look fashionable and ready.

  • Diesel- A brand that creates a sporty impression every time you step out of your house is Diesel. It’s very famous for making classic styles bold. 

  • Zegna- With every pair being unique, Zegna can make anyone feel special. With their luxurious designs and style, it’s a favorite. 

  • Tom Ford- If you’re looking for something that screams luxury, Tom Ford is the brand you go to. It makes for effortless and fashionable looks which are extremely functional.  

  • As you can see in most of the brands above, all designer eyewear brands have a few things in common- high-quality frames and elaborate designs that make every pair their own. OTTIKA believes in giving customers a comfortable and fashionable experience too. With many new brands on board, you’ll have plenty of designs and styles to choose from. You will be able to make heads turn with every look! 

    Besides being a brand that believes in comfort and style, OTTIKA Canada also believes in giving back to society. With our #ShareandCare initiative, we promise to donate 5% of our sales towards eye care for needy people. The gift of vision should be given to everyone. 

    If you’re someone who believes in giving and if you’re someone who believes in mixing comfort and style, OTTIKA Canada is the brand for you! 

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