What is AR coating and which one is the best for you?

Imagine this - You are driving at night and cars, with their glaring headlights, are driving towards you. You can either squint, irritate or tire your eyes trying to maneuver around or you can be smart and wear glasses with AR coating.

Imagine this - You are working on a screen for long hours. Yu can let the constant exposure to blue light, tire your eyes and cause a headache or you can be smart and go for glasses with AR coating which cuts down on the reflection, soothes your eyes and gives you happy, shining eyes.

Anti-glare or Anti-reflective coating is a layer which can be applied on any type of lenses (distance, bi-focal, progressive, photochromic etc.) to cut down on disturbing reflections, reduce fatigue and increase vision clarity.  

 It is especially recommended for - 

  • Driving cars at night
  • T.V watching
  • Working on computer   

Which is the best Anti-Reflective Coating?

There are several colors of AR coating - Each affects different wavelengths of light and hence has their unique quality and functionality. 

Ottika Canada has three AR coatings for every need and price-range.

To know which AR coating is best for you, it is essential to know lens characteristics of different color coatings - 

  1. Blue/Purple - The most common and economical color type, Blue/Purple AR coating has 6 layers placed over one another and gives moderate protection. It is best for short periods of driving and screen time.

  2. Green - Unlike the blue/purple coating, the green coating works with 9 layers and offers superior protection. What this means is - clear vision and less eye fatigue. It is ideal for long hours of night driving, or those who spend long hours in front of screens. 

  3. Gold - No points for guessing - gold is one of the most premium and effective AR coatings. Along with providing every other benefit of AR coating, this premium color comes with a surface treatment that seals the AR layers and makes lenses scratch proof and much easier to clean.
    Not only that they repel water and prevent water formation spots.
    It is ideal for those who don't want to compromise on the looks or the quality and want only the best.

We, at Ottika Canada, care for you.

So, before buying your next pair of eye-wear, it is essential to know your lifestyle, function and price range of each AR coating. Because you deserve only the best.