Buying eyewear in budget for the Holiday season

Most people associate sunglasses with the summer sun and the beach. However, sunglasses are appropriate for all seasons, as they are important for both eye safety and maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who could benefit from a new pair of sunglasses? Or perhaps the entire family is in need of a new look, or there's a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion approaching?

We have a large selection of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription glasses at Ottika. With top designer and home brands to choose from, you and your family are almost certain to find something to suit your face, personality, fashion sense, and budget thanks to our Afterpay programme.

Sunglasses selection tips

  • Purchase sunglasses with a sticker or tag indicating 100 per cent UV protection, or check with your eye doctor to ensure they provide verified UV protection.

  • When it comes to sunglasses, the larger their coverage area, the more protection they provide for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them, resulting in less sun damage (and potentially fewer wrinkles!).

  • Be aware that darker lenses do not always provide better protection. Lens shade and colour are more about personal preference than anything else, as long as the lenses are properly coated for UV protection.

  • Polarized and highly reflective lenses can reduce eye strain caused by glare from reflective surfaces, but polarisation alone does not provide UV protection.

Ottika has a pair of sunglasses for everyone, from road warriors to busy professionals to active individuals, students, and even children. Our staff can fit your loved one's face with a new pair of shades that are comfortable, and effective, and help your loved one look and see his or her best, whether they are young or old, traditional or high fashion. 

Now with our after-pay feature, pay later and order ahead of time to get your gift shipped on time. Go check out the latest eyewear collection at