Eyewear by David Beckham

David Beckham likes spices, motorcycles, and tattoos. And he's recently launched his own line of high-quality eyewear for fellow dudes. He's created some sunnies that protect your eyes as well as your sense of style while riding and fit comfortably inside a motorcycle helmet.

They are made in Italy by sunglasses legends Safilo, who have been making sunglasses for Mussolini since 1934. That pedigree rewards you with attention to detail and design elements that make the investment in these spectacular spectacles more bearable.

The Beckham range lenses are made of mineral glass rather than plastic, making them more durable, scratch-resistant, and better for ogling. They also have polarised lenses and photochromatic lenses, which react to sunlight to change the intensity of the tint. This gives the wearer an advantage when entering or leaving the shade or high-glare areas.

Mr Beckham's motorcycle collection is limited to two frame styles, but you can select from four different lenses, including photochromatic and coloured options. A traditional Aviator and a heavy acetate solid frame are among the moto styles. The kicker is that this collection was created by bike enthusiast Beckham, who wanted glasses that could be worn beneath a motorcycle helmet.

Beckham sunglasses are designed so that the tinted lenses can be easily removed and replaced with prescription lenses by your optometrist. So, if you really like a certain Beckham look, you can look good while looking good.

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